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Raw Material


Compression Springs

  At Super Springs, We are making compression springs with wire range 0.2 mm to 4.5 mm.  Compression Springs can be cylindrical, conical, Barrel or combination of these.We have latest technology CNC Spring Coiling Machines for fast production that too with … Continue reading


Die Springs are used in Dies used in sheet metal industries, plastic molding dies, machines and several other industrial applications.   Die Springs are used where high load is required that too with less solid height.   We have Die … Continue reading

Form SpringForm Springs

Super Springs is making form springs with many designs as per customers requirement. We have CNC Spring forming machines and CNC Wire Bending machines to take care of all designs and has the ability to produce thousands of springs every … Continue reading

torsion springTorsion Springs

Super Springs is manufacturing Torsion Springs with wire range 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm. Torsion Springs oppose torsional force and are used in various industrial applications. We have CNC Torsion Springs machine that help us in producing quality springs. Angles … Continue reading

Raw Material

Super Springs manufactures variety of springs with different type of wires including music wire, alloyed steel and stainless steel, copper, phospher bronze.


Spring Steel – Medium Carbon Wire
Indian Standard : IS 4454 Part I, Grade-2
Equivalent International Standards : ASTM A 227
UNI 3823 Class B
DIN 17223-1-1.0600
DIN 2076-B
EN 10270-1(SM, DM)
Chemical Composition
Carbon(C) : 0.60-0.85
Manganese (Mn) : 0.80 Max
Silicon (Si) : 0.15-0.35
Phosphorus (P) : 0.04 Max
Sulphur(S) : 0.04 Max

Spring Steel – High Carbon
Indian Standard : IS 4454 Part I Grade 3
Equivalent International Standards : ASTM A 228
UNI-3823 Class C
DIN 17223-1-1.0200
DIN 2076-C
EN 10270-1-(SH, DH)
JIS – 3522
Chemical Composition
Carbon(C) : 0.75-1.00
Silicon (Si) : 0.15-0.35
Manganese (Mn) : 0.80 Max
Phosphorus (P) : 0.03(Max)
Sulphur (S) : 0.03(Max)

Spring Steel – Oil tempered Alloy Steel Wire
Indian Standard : IS 4454 Part III, Grade-2D (Chrome Silicon)
Equivalent International Standards : ASTM A-401
DIN-17223-2 FDSiCr
EN-10270-2 FDSiCr
EN 10270-2-VDSiCr
Chemical Composition
Carbon(C) : 0.50-0.60
Silicon (Si) : 1.20-1.60
Manganese (Mn) : 0.50-0.80
Chromium (Cr) : 0.50-0.80

Stainless Steel Wire
Indian Standard : IS 4454 part-IV Gr- 1 & 2
Equivalent International Standards : AISI 302
AISI 304
ASTM A 313
DIN 17224
EN 10270-3
Chemical Composition
GR-1 GR-2
Carbon(C) : 0.15 Max 0.09 Max
Silicon (Si) : 1.00 Max 1.00 Max
Manganese (Mn) : 2.00 Max 1.00 Max
Chromium (Cr) : 17-19 16.00-18.00
Nickel(Ni) : 8-10 6.75-7.75