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Automotive Temperature


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Automotive Temperature

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The temperature switch is also known as the voltage switch. In simple words any switch which can regulate temperature is known as a temperature switch. Take the example of the fan regulator; we use it to regulate the temperature of the room according to our wish so it is a kind of such switch. It can be used it to show when there’s a problem say in vase warning light; or you can switch on pumps or fans, say in case of intercooler spray or even radiant pumps. You should have some knowledge about automotive temperature switch.


The adjustability of the switch trip is infinitely large and the difference between the switch on and switch off temperatures is also adjustable. The output of the system can also be adjusted according to our requirement. In the early times these temperature switches were basically mechanical in design. They consisted of some metal strip which used to get bent with the rise in temperature. And when the metal strip got enough heat to bend to such a level so as to touch the contacts and the connection was made and the switches were turned on. Such switch existed for decades but they dint had much functions and were quite easy to use. But these switches had some problems as well. Some of them have been listed as follows:

  1. The switches were normally not adjustable. This means a switch has to be selected to suit the system, which may not be available.
  2. The difference between the switch off and the switch on points also known as hysteresise is not adjustable. If the hysteresis is too low the switch the output will not be appropriate. Again if the hysteresis is too high the control system may not be effective.
  3. The temperature switches are available in just two forms the normally open and the normally closed versions. So switches to suit every situation and every type of machine was not available.
  4. The switches were ‘dumb’ – it turned on or off depending on the temperature provided. If flash or anything else tricky had to be done, an additional electronicswas needed.

Modern switches

Present day temperature switch is electronic and not mechanical and has overcome all the above mentioned problems. Such temp switch is known as electronic voltage switch. The electronics Voltage Switch is a prebuilt electronic module. The two types of push buttons are available in the market. One is ‘normally-on’ switch button. In such type of switches, the buttons are used for the circuit where flow of current is generally on i.e.; the circuit is already connected and when we need to break the circuit a force has to be exerted on the switch button. The other type of switch available in the market is the ‘normally-off’ push button switches. These switch buttons are used for circuits where flow of electricity is generally off.

Now the temperature switch used in automobiles are known as automotive temperature switches. Auto Meter 3246 Pro-Lite Temp Switch is such kind of a switch used in automobiles. This switch has many distinctive features.

Auto Meter Pro-Lite Temperature Switch

Auto Meter Pro-Lite Temperature Switch helps in detecting the changes in pressure as well as the temperature if any. It triggers the warning light at the time that is very right and accurate, when it is most needed. When engine damage is needed to be prevented engine, Auto Meter is used to cover it all. Auto Meter offers an extensive selection of accessories or instruments for maximum performance; whether a high quality electric accessories or just need parts for a customer application an Auto Meter does it all.

Another such temperature switch is High Discharge Temperature switch. It helps in prevent air compression from any breakdown. High Discharge Air Temperature Switch is also one of the most essential safety measures that can prevent any abnormality to the automobile. If the temperature of discharge air is more than the requirement it could stuck the piston inside the cylinder, which causes a breakdown of compressor. A working HDATS will safeguard your compressor from this problem.

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