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Automotive Push Button Skakelaars


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Automotive Push Button Skakelaars

Primêre Sleutelwoord: Automotive push button switches

Sekondêre Sleutelwoorde: electromechanical device, terminals, electrical circuit

Beskrywings: In this article you would be able to know about automotive push button switches.

An electrical switch is an electrical component, which can interrupt the current or divert it from one conductor to another, which in result can break the electric circuit and stop electricity to flow though the circuit. Generally switches are operated manually. Switches are called electromechanical device which has one or more electrical contacts. Two types of electrical contacts are found in a switch and they are: the open and the closed contacts. In closed contacts the electrical contacts touch each other which enables the circuit to flow electricity between them while in an open set, contacts are separated which disables electricity to flow in the circuit. So let us have a look at automotive push button switches.

Types of switches

Switches can be of many types out of which push button switch is most convenient. Push button switch is also known as button switch and is used to control a machine or a process. Push buttons are mostly biased switches, in such type of switches the button comes back to its original state with the help of a spring which does not require a jerk or a thrust. But the unbiased switches are also available which require an extra jerk to return to its original state. These buttons have enough space so as to accommodate human figure. The push buttons are made up of some hard substance like plastic or metal. Inside the push button switches there are two metal pieces are found which are called contacts. These circuits are touched to connect and separated to break the circuit. These contacts are made up of such a material which is resistant to corrosion, good conductor of electricity and which can provides a good amount of mechanical strength. The push buttons conductive plastics are sometimes used as contacts for switch buttons.  Metallic contacts are chosen very carefully because most metals form insulating oxides that would prevent the switch from working.

The push button switches

Push button switches just works on the other way as that of the ‘normally-on’ push button switches. When the button is pushed on the terminals of the circuit, it is connected and electricity flows through it. The flow of electricity stops when the button is released. So it is seen that push button switches are used either to make the circuit or to break it. Red colored push button switches are used for ‘normally-on’ switch buttons; while green colored push button switches are used for ‘normally off’ switch buttons.

Red and green push buttons

Red and green push buttons are most commonly used push buttons. The red push buttons are generally used for stopping a certain machine or a process while a green push button is used for starting a process. There is also an emergency button which is used for safety reasons. In commercial application a pilot light is also used to show if the switch is put on when it flashes. Mushroom shaped or flushed mounted push buttons are also used in case when the user needs to wear gloves to fit the user.

So basically a push button switch is a very small device which is actually a very important aspect of an electrical circuit. It can start or stop the entire process of an electric network which makes an electrical device work. Push buttons have a huge role to play in our daily life. It is used in a number of machines so as to decrease human effort. Now a day these switches are even used in automobiles for its user friendly nature. These are known as automotive push buttons. A few of such push buttons are listed as follows:

  1. Cole Hersee # 90030 Heavy Duty Type, Plastic Push Button, Rubber Cap and Mounting Nut.
  2. Pollak # 24-360 Standard # SSB-5 Valley Forge # PB-1 General # 4200 Heavy Duty Push Button Switch.
  3. Standard # HB-6 General # 4520 Pollak # 52-661 Valley Forge # L-810 Momentary Push Button Switch.
  4. Push button switch TSM-13008 BENZ 6p OEM NO 124.46 10KZ 1148 454 610.
  5. TSM-13005 for peugeot 405 406.

So you have come to know a lot about automotive push button switches

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